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AMER 120′ – The mathematical symbology for a perfect yacht


The worldwide launch of the Amer 120’ that could be destined for multiple use private/ charter business with a design very attractive will take place during next yacht shows in 2021.

Playing on the mathematical symbology (all the boating is based on complex mathematical calculations)

120 is the sum of four successive prime numbers that symbolize the 4 pod.

The number 4 in numerology means balance, contact with one’s roots, stability and security.

It is a triangular number, the sum of the natural numbers from 1 to 15 and also the sum of the first 8 triangular numbers which makes it tetrahedral and symbolize for us the bow of the hull towards the sea of our new model.

It is a multi-perfect number which expresses the synthesis of the synergic work of the Amer Yachts team and the pool of supplier companies with a workforce of up to 120 people involved in the construction.

It is an untouchable number, at least until the next record to beat. We hope for a long time because we are still unbeaten for the experience gained in superyacht sector in terms of fuel economy (Amer 94 Twin with 3.1 lt. per nautical miles at 9 knots in economic cruise).