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Barracuda Yacht design

Unlike other ‘explorer-style’ vessels that are born out of the conversion of a former military or commercial vessel, ours is purpose designed and is not the result of compromise. The ‘split personality’ is exemplified by way of a beach club with swim-platform and dual side-opening doors. Equally the exploration deck has room for two submarines, a quick deployment tender and two Jeep style vehicles and internally a large garage houses two further limousine style tenders and four PWCs. Main deck comprises four guest cabins and a VIP suite accessed via a central hall. Behind that, a large internal lounge and dining area leads through to a spacious external patio. The upper deck owner’s terrace and private suite has a positively vast walk-in wardrobe and adjacent bathroom space. With a top speed in the region of 16-18 knots and cruising speed 14 knots giving up to 7,000nm range – the Barracuda 65m Explorer is bound to satisfy the wanderlust of even the most adventurous owner.


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