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BASCO Boating announce Asia Online Boat Show and virtual Boat Buyer Expo

The Expo for first-time Boat Buyers, will be accompanied by the Asia Online Boat Show, where businesses and boat owners will showcase their latest brands, boats, and products in virtual booths and exhibition halls.

BASCO Boating, one of the largest communities of boaters, suppliers, and boat enthusiasts in Asia, announces the launch of their two-day virtual Boat Buyer Expo. The event aims to help first-time boat buyers and new to Asia boaters make the leap to the boating lifestyle and overcome the associated challenges, by providing free entry to the 30+ education sessions over two-days. The virtual Boat Buyer Expo will take place on the 10 and 11 of October, and participants can register for free at the event’s website.

BASCO has been hosting Online Boat Shows for its clients since April 2019, but for the first time, it’s opening its doors for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to participate. Sponsorships and speaking opportunities are also available for companies that wish to position themselves as industry leaders. There will be a nominal fee to cover the support costs to help SMEs showcase their brand, product, showrooms, or boats in virtual spaces.

The Asia Online Boat Show will, in turn, run from October 10 to the 31, and will remain live until 21 December 2020 for further sales and inquiries. SMEs and boat owners will be able to exhibit at the boat show affordably and participate in the ecommerce exhibition hall or obtain a booth as part of the Online Boat Show.  

The event aims to help boating industry members overcome the challenges associated with ecommerce in the Asian market by providing low-cost virtual spaces for companies to exhibit boats, their showrooms, and industry related products.

By incorporating zoom-like chat functionality with 360-degree video walk-throughs, exhibitors can bring their entire showrooms or shipyards, and owners their boats, to life. Additional support could be provided from PDFs, specifications, photos, videos, and close-ups of every product available.

“We are thrilled to be supporting and connecting the boating industry’s SMEs with the Online Boat Show marketplace and the Boat Buyer Expo. By bringing a regional approach to Boat Show’s we believe this will provide economies of scale, reduce costs, and significantly ramp up exposure for these businesses. We’re delighted to be leading the charge on this for the benefit of the industry,” said BASCO Boating Co-Founder Dione Schick.

Schick stated that it is challenging to sell a boat in Asia. With proactive project managers, digital marketing, lead generation, and affordable entry into the online boat show, the show provides an alternative to the traditional boat brokerage model.

About the company 

BASCO is a global community of boaters, partners, and clients, on a mission to provide trusted advice that takes risk and uncertainty out of boat ownership. BASCO connects, advises and trades through the virtual Boat Buyer Expo and the Online Boat Show marketplace, connecting boat owners with boating lifestyle clients, and service providers, technical partners, and dealers, who can assist them with their boating needs.