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Design firm Vripack and experienced boat builder Qnautic have joined forces to develop the all-new Q52

Behind every great leader is a great team, and accompanying every great superyacht is an inspiring tender. Flexing its muscles in the world of high-end tenders, design firm Vripack and experienced boat builder Qnautic have joined forces to develop the all-new Q52. One extraordinary superyacht tender, two heritage Dutch brands. 
Now in the final construction stage, the first model of the 16.10m (52.8 ft) Q52 tender is scheduled for delivery in summer 2021. The Q52 is the second boat to benefit from Vripack and Qnautic’s collaborative imagination, following on from the 2020 launch of the Q39 super-RIB. Leveraging Vripack’s extensive design and naval architecture expertise and Qnautic’s sophisticated shipbuilding knowledge, the result is a tender with ingenious naval architecture, proven build quality and a beautiful, creative design.

“The idea for the Q39 originated from a need for fast and safe RIB suitable for offshore use,” says Marnix Hoekstra, co-creative director at Vripack. “By combining existing RIB designs with contemporary techniques and styling, the Q39 super RIB was born. So, when tasked with the brief to take it to the next level and re-create the Q52 tender, we happily accepted the challenge.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Vripack on the development of both boats,” says Robbert van Rijk, founder of Qnautic. “The interest and passion for boatbuilding originated at our family shipyard in Amsterdam. After many years of working in shipping, including the offshore industry, fish industry, tugboats and wind farm vessels, a love for building high-quality boats has arisen. Our son Marnix van Rijk recently took the helm at Qnautic, which means the company now has four generations of boatbuilders in the family.