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DuneBoat the Brokers Swiss Knife !

Yachting in Monaco is a real cluster.

With a turnover of 750 million euros in 2018, and “a quarter of the world’s 100 largest yachts member of the Yacht Club”, isn’t Monaco the Yachting Capital?

It is therefore logical that DuneAdviser, a Monegasque company specialized in digital strategies and their implementation, looked at this ecosystem. With a major chalenge: to design the ”boat software” solution allowing all yachting players managing their business using a single tool. A sure bet!

DuneBoat is a multifaceted software, simple to use, that adds real value. Particularly useful for Technical Management or Marketing Companies, YachtBrokers and Construction Naval Sites. This very powerful tool accompanies the Broker through all the stages of a deal , from the commercial prospecting stage to the signing of the act of sale, including management and communication.

Specifically, DuneBoat allows brokers to generate leads in an organized way, making simultaneously possible the management of websites, the generation of boat listings, the use of the CRM tool to contact management, and the ability to send direct quotes and tracking invoices.


Management of the information sent to advertising sites Management of PDF files


CRM  –  Matching Tool  – Safe Cloud Access


Sending newsletters and SMS  – Websites management


Estimates, invoices and purchase orders creation


Task management – Expense notes – Surveys

The Shipyards will appreciate the possibility of all their employees to follow the evolution of construction sites through a single application

Thanks to DuneBoat it is no longer necessary to instal l software (often heavy)on computers, servers and other computer devices.

The Yachting cluster will benefit from the software via the internet, in SAAS mode. DuneBoat is, therefore, accessible everywhere, and all the time, on any computer or smartphone through a mobile app available at Play Store or AppleStore.

High-definition software that lives up to Monaco’s excellency

After more than 15 years in the management of buildings in Switzerland through its partner DuneGestion, DuneAdviser moved in 2016 into the Principality of Monaco as a software consultancy. Its expertise and experience at software management are complemented by those of ColorScreen, a Nice website creation company and expert in yachting software since 2008.