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EXTRA 76 sold to a European customer !

EXTRA Yachts, a brand of Palumbo Superyachts, is pleased to announce the sale of the all-new EXTRA 76ft (24 meter) motoryacht to a European Client.
Officially unveiled to the public at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2018, EXTRA 76 is the forerunner of a highly innovative range that includes 6 models from 24 to 40 meter in length (EXTRA 76, EXTRA 86, EXTRA 86 Fast, EXTRA 93, EXTRA 120 Alloy and EXTRA 130 Alloy), out of which 3 have already been sold and are due for delivery in summer 2019 (respectively EXTRA 86 fast, EXTRA 93 and EXTRA 130 alloy).
The new EXTRA line, designed by Francesco Guida, develops an innovative cruising concept and gives its guests the thrill of living in direct contact with the marine environment, creating an intense feeling with the sea both during navigation and at anchor, thanks to the maximum comfort offered by the large internal and external volumes.
The eye-catching profile expresses its marked personality, immediately standing out for its uniqueness. An exquisitely masterful play of contrasts between the clear and soft white surfaces in fiberglass or aluminium and the elegant dark windows.
The generous-sized seamless windows instil the magical sensation of being inside a large crystal dome, enhancing the exclusive interior living areas with bright natural light and spectacular scenic views. The design clearly reveals ISA Yachts DNA, with its identifiable architectural elements characterized by a bulging longitudinal profile combined to rounded surfaces and connecting arches.

EXTRA yachts is also building a brand new EXTRA 86ft motoryacht which is for sale with delivery due in early 2020.

The new EXTRA yacht will be presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival (EXTRA 86 and EXTRA 93) and at the Monaco Yacht Show (1 EXTRA 30 Alloy) in September 2019.