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Faith in the future

Haarlem, 22 September 2017

Amsterdam residents accustomed to enjoying the waters in and around the Dutch capital are in for an additional treat this weekend as two giant Feadships pass through on their way north. The 97-metre Faith and 81-metre Air will be heading to the Feadship refit facility in Makkum, returning home to the Netherlands and the craftsmen who know them best for a range of activities designed to meet evolving owner requirements while retaining brand status. 

After a smooth build process, Feadship Faith was launched on schedule in November 2016 to considerable fanfare and the owner’s complete satisfaction. Having thoroughly enjoyed his first season on board, the owner has decided to incorporate some new ideas based on his experiences and preferences. The project will last until the end of March 2018, giving Feadship the opportunity to also carry out its usual premium maintenance on-site at the yard.