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The renowned furniture maker will showcase modern craftsmanship at Taylor Howes’s Open House event.

The Art of Straw Marquetry takes place at Taylor Howes’ Open House between 9-13 May, with a live marquetry demonstration on Thursday 11 May between 9 and 11 am. The event is an opportunity to meet the Silverlining team during London Craft Week and learn about its unparalleled craftsmanship skills.

Led by Yannick Forgerit, Silverlining’s marquetry atelier combines the traditional straw marquetry technique with material innovations and technological advancements, to create spell-binding and high-performance decorative surface finishes.

Straw marquetry is a decorative technique that involves using thin strips of straw to create intricate surface designs. An ancient technique, dating back to ancient civilizations, it has reached new heights at the Silverlining workshop.

Traditionally straw marquetry is carried out by splitting the straw and then applying it directly to the finished decorative surface. The Silverlining team has altered this process – the team first glues the straw to an aero-ply substrate which is then micro-cut by laser, to create complex, contemporary marquetry.

Once the marquetry pattern is complete, the team also further adds to its modern aesthetic, with gloss and waxed finishes. The gloss finish is unique to the Silverlining Furniture pieces.

Like all materials at Silverlining’s research and development department, straw is going through rigorous and continuous testing. New designs include a finish in which pieces of straw are layered and then sanded, to produce subtle patterns and layers; a technique in which bio-resin is infused into the straw – once set, the resin block is sliced into strong yet lightweight and natural ‘micro honeycomb’ sheets which are then polished to reveal their unique structure; and an end-grain straw captured in resin finish, which produces intricate patterns and allows light to pass through.

Infinity Table

Infinity Table is a state-of-the-art showcase of Silverlining’s straw marquetry expertise.

The form of the table has been engineered from a composite formed into a mould to create the organic shape of the table’s legs and the underside of the tabletop in one piece. The table legs are coated in a textured Dubai-gold metallised resign, whilst the tabletop has been meticulously crafted in French rouge straw marquetry, in a pattern radiating from the trumpet-like void at the centre of the table.

Kaleidoscope Sunder

The intricate pattern of overlapping circles has been crafted by hand in straw marquetry. The rings of the iridescent mother-of-pearl add further dynamism to the piece. The kaleidoscopic movement created by the overlaying circles is further highlighted by hand-blown art glass.

Straw Moiré

The design features a mesmerising pattern in hues of blues and greens, inspired by the light reflections on the surface of the ocean. The dyed straw and its linear, dynamic patterns have been contained within a fractal pattern in brass, decorated with white mother-of-pearl circles.

Both designs are a contemporary expression of Silverlining’s material innovations, combining traditional straw marquetry technique with new materials.

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