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Triton Submarines will deliver the first model in their DeepView range to client Vinpearl Resorts in Vietnam, where public dives will begin in late 2020

Triton Submarines has announced the launch of the Triton DeepView 24, the most significant commercial tourism submersible to be brought to market in the last two decades. Commissioned by client Vinpearl to provide unique guest experiences on Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang, Vietnam, the Triton DeepView 24 conveys 24 fare-paying passengers to depths of up to 100m (328ft). Ticketed dives for resort guests are scheduled to begin in December 2020. Assembled at Triton’s manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, four optically superior proprietary cylindrical acrylic sections form the focal point of the DeepView 24’s pressure hull, creating vast panoramic windows that deliver a truly immersive guest experience. From the comfort of the luxurious air-conditioned interior, passengers of the 15.4m (50.5ft) long submersible will engage with the ocean in a manner that far exceeds that of traditional tourism submersibles that feature restricted viewports. Designed to sit steady while on the surface of the water, the Triton DeepView 24 allows for easy ingress and egress of passengers and improves safety for support staff operating in the water. The generous access hatch further facilitates entry and exit of the submersible, even for passengers with reduced mobility. Following sea trials in Barcelona in March 2020, the Triton DeepView 24 has undergone a meticulous certification process, ensuring its safety for anyone onboard. As with every Triton product, the DeepView 24 is certified to International Classification Standards by DNV GL, further demonstrating its reliability and capability.

Virtually silent, entirely non-polluting and producing no carbon or effluent emissions, the Triton DeepView 24, like every submersible, has zero environmental impact or footprint. It was developed in response to the rise in demand from travelers and tourists alike for adventure and experience based holidays. This “sub-sea tourism” has grown exponentially as interest in our oceans has developed, driven in part by the popularity of internationally recognized programs such as Blue Planet II. Today, an experience within the optically perfect hull of the Triton DeepView 24 will create an entirely new generation of stewards for our oceans. Resort operators are increasingly recognizing tourist submarines as valuable guest offerings that deliver a safe, fun and enthralling experience that is inclusive and accessible to all visitors, irrespective of Poised for tremendous growth in the private sector, investors are in turn identifying this niche market as a viable and positive business platform. Said Bruce Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Triton Submarines with 33 years of direct experience in the tourism sub industry, “The Triton DeepView 24 with its panoramic view represents a quantum leap forward in submarine technology, providing a vastly improved, fully-immersive guest experience. Of the near 60 tourist subs that have operated in the last 34 years, the DeepView 24 is competitively superior in all respects. The variation in size, with models that will seat from 6- to 66-passengers means there is a sub suitable for a wide range of operators in different locations. And a DeepView experience is terrific for encouraging guests to promote environmental stewardship after directly experiencing the sea- floor environment.”

Triton also provide a full range of services to assist in the development of commercial operations, including site surveys, viability assessment and infrastructure recommendations.


Photograph by juan camilo moreno Editing & retouching Special Project Six.