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UP40 Crossover takes shape!

Work forges ahead on the first UP40 unit from Antonini Navi after construction started on spec early last December.  The Crossover version has an improved open solution in the stern area, reflecting market demand. 

Antonini Navi’s Utility Platform 40, the yacht with the modular hull that can be adapted for three different types of displacement boat (Motoryacht, Explorer or Crossover), features a major modification in this version that improves the liveability of the stern area. 

This area has been redesigned to turn it into nothing less than a private beach at the water’s edge, one that is convenient to use and raises no barriers of any kind.It is a decision that reflects today’s market trend, driven by the desire to enjoy this area with an even greater sense of freedom.

The entire UP40 project, including all three types of yacht, is the work of Fulvio De Simoni, one of the driving forces behind the project, together with the Antonini family and concept creator and partner Aldo Manna.

UP40 – Crossover, available as always in both Open Deck and Enclosed Bridge versions, is now even more closely aligned with the demands of owners who want an ever-closer connection with the marine environment, while maintaining absolute privacy.

One of the main features of this one-of-a-kind Crossover unit, with an overall length of 43 metres, a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure, is that it “establishes a direct link between the stern platform and both a beach area and the cockpit proper, eliminating the changes of level that have an impact on everyday life on board,” stressed the Architect De Simoni. “Generally speaking, our intention with this design solution is to offer the owner and their guests the opportunity to enjoy life on board to the full and in direct contact with the sea, creating nothing less than a ‘fully equipped platform on the water’s edge’, obtained primarily by lowering the height of the hull sides.  

A key aspect of the solution is successfully giving this area the perception of seamless space and volume, while protecting the cockpit with a real transom that is essential for safe navigation even in rough sea”. 

Another interesting feature is the fact that the two sides of the yacht are asymmetrical: the Forward Deck can be reached from the starboard side of the Main Deck, while the Forward Deck has direct access to the Upper Deck from the port side, so creating a terrace overlooking the water of more than 200 sq m, including a 90 sq/m area protected and shaded by the hard top.

Static and dynamic tank testing of the hull, hull lines and appendages was performed at the MARIN Maritime Research Institute in the Netherlands, simulating sea-keeping in even extreme navigating conditions.  The generous freeboards have flowing lines, the cut of the bow is contemporary in style, and the outdoor areas too can be fitted out in different ways (with the installation of an infinity pool in the foredeck, for example). The modern design of the hull’s bulbous bow ensures clean wave penetration and thrust reserve optimisation of use when navigating into high waves. 

“The UP40 – Crossover project offers an excellent balance between design, efficiency and safety, enhancing spaces and volumes that accommodate a surprising amount of furniture and living areas… In this case we really can say that function enhances form!”  concludes De Simoni.