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Spectacular maneuverability, low fuel consumption, and silent operation: 



Sea trails on board the WIDER 150, project ‘Genesi’, which began in mid-November, have now been completed. Initial tests of the azimuthal pods focused on maneuverability, an important safety feature but also an advantage when considering entering small creeks and bays. Having driven the boat throughout her extensive sea trials, experienced captain Claudio Candelaresi described their performance as “spectacular”. Tests also confirmed ‘Genesi’ comfortably attains her predicted maximum speed of 15 knots and fuel consumption levels are also in line with our pre-launch forecasts of at least 15% less than a similar vessel with traditional propulsion.

Further trials focused on the refinement of the power management system (see below for more details), the setting of the various modes for operations, as well as the lithium polymer battery banks that make up the heart of Genesi’s power system.  The 544Kwh of battery power is sufficient to supply the entire hotel system on board for up to 8 hours in total silence with no generators running. Alternatively, the WIDER 150 can run at 5kts for up to 6 hours in what we refer to as ZEM, short for Zero Emission Mode. 

“The battery tests were a great success,” said Tilli Antonelli, Founder and CEO of WIDER. “The yacht ran comfortably at 5kts in ZEM consuming no fuel whatsoever….but the most remarkable and memorable aspect was that she ran in total silence!” 

The key benefit of WIDER’s diesel-electric system is the low level of noise and vibration. These levels are no longer theoretical and, as with all aspects of the WIDER150, tests have confirmed readings to be in line with our pre-launch estimates.

In terms of noise levels, the noise and vibration specialists have confirmed the following:

Underway at 11 kts in calm seas with – A/C at 50% – one gen set running at 1600 rpm and stabilizers running, we achieved the following readings:

Master Cabin –  43 db

Main saloon   – 41 db

Vip Cabin        – 40 db

Sky Lounge     -37 db           

Vibration levels were measured at less than 1mm/sec in all areas.

These are remarkably low readings, better than those achieved on larger yachts, and a clear endorsement of the WIDER philosophy of offering smart solutions to enhance the life of clients at sea.

Finally, the 90m2 Beach Club – a major feature on all of the WIDER superyacht range – has been completed and is now available to see in operation. This incredible space, which is larger than suites at many leading hotels, transforms at the push of a button from a tender bay, to house the WIDER 32, to an elegant beach club with a private 7m swimming pool and a vast deck area to unwind right at the water’s edge

The WIDER 150 – Project “GENESI” – is available for sale, priced at €26,000,000.