Boat Attitude, the luxurious modern magazine

for yachting and lifestyle.

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Boat Attitude was created in 2006.

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Boat Attitude is a luxury, modern and contemporary book.

Boat Attitude offers the latest news from world of yachts, super yachts, sailing, multihulls, high-tech, luxury cars, fashion, real estate, food, jet, caterers, service crew, high-end hardware, etc… Its design is like by women and men. A reception, a privileged moment, a service that meets your demands, Boat Attitude will keep adding on to your dream come true. Way of life, fine cuisine, fashion, decoration, jewelry, luxurious cars, on-board services…

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Your favourite luxurious magazine, where you want, when you want, with or without application. The e version of Boat attitude provides many features, as, music, sound, video, links, e-shopping, online reservations, and much more.


The first interactif magazine including «Luxury Shop online» 

You are looking for promoting your quality products and services to international customers with a high purchasing power…

online, directly on boat attitude e-magazine and on our website, making the reading pleasant and giving you the possibility to increase your customer files and mailing lists.

Our annual offer includes the display of four products on a double-page spread (printed version and e-version)changeable for each publications.Then, we become your business intermediary and your goal becomes ours !

We set up a contract as a percentage retrocession on your sales or a package contact. Only annual technical costs will be charged. We also offer your readers the possibility of getting special offers when they order, in agreement with you.