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Commercial Triumph: Cantiere delle Marche Sells Fourth Nauta 110 Explorer Yacht in One Month

A few months ago, we announced the sale of a Nauta Air 108, today we are extremely thrilled to confirm that another yacht in this really unique series has been sold to a very experienced Australian Owner: a Nauta Air 110. Announcing a new sale is always an emotion for us. In this very case, we are even more thrilled because the Owner, Marcus Blackmore, apart from being a visionary entrepreneur and benefactor, is a true sailor and explorer himself. Together with his wife Caroline they competed in a multitude of major sail races with their three Southern Wind (all christened Ammonite) and explored some of the most remote archipelagoes lost in the expanses of the Pacific Ocean,” says Vasco Buompensiere, co-founder and CEO of Cantiere delle Marche who adds: “We express a great satisfaction for the success we have been witnessing in Australia. The abundance of magnificent shores far from well-equipped harbors and marinas has underscored the importance of explorer-like qualities, prioritizing robustness and reliability. Our yachts actually open new horizons to all those passionate Owners who would love exploring the pristine and wild Australian coasts or sail through the expanses of the Pacific Ocean but ar e penalized by the lack of dependability of most yachts available on the market.”

“We are proud to welcome one of Australia’s most experienced yacht owners into the CdM Family. Appointing us to build their custom yacht with high attention to sustainability is a challenge we look forward to achieving. We wish to thank the owners and look forward to being part of the journey,” says Paul MIletta of Cantiere delle Marche Australia.“

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