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Silver has been used by humans since the 5th century BC. Although less rare, silver has at times been more valuable than gold. Silver has lost none of its fascination to this day. Its white colour and radiating shine continues to enrapture people today, just as it did thousands of years ago.

Silver is one of the finest metals when it comes to its physics and chemistry: It is the most conductive of all metals in terms of heat and electricity. Freshly refined silver has the best reflection characteristics of all metals: Over 99.5 percent of visible light is reflected.

Well over half of the 200 largest yachts on the planet are fitted out with Robbe & Berking silver. The manufacturer's restaurant clients are distinguished by hundreds of Michelin stars. We consider those who have chosen a product from the factory to not be customers, but rather friends of Robbe & Berking. Friends who, in part, have remained true to the brand for generations, and whose expectations of the very best have been fulfilled by the products created by the Flensburg silver factory for 5 generations. And they are friends in spirit; as they all share a calmness. It is not lifestyle, transient fashions or a desire to consume that drives them forward; instead it is the demand for timeless elegance. But what use is timeless elegance if the work does not survive the times? Thus, amongst connoisseurs across the world, the name Robbe & Berking stands as a quality seal for uncompromising and unrivalled quality combined with German workmanship.

Silversmiths and goldsmiths are some of the oldest professions in the metal trades. These professions require the utmost in workmanship and artistic creativity. The finest materials and the high art of the silversmith continue to make the difference when it comes to the unrivalled quality of each and every Robbe & Berking product.